Car Paint Services

The best finishing touch for your restored vehicle is a fresh coat of paint. The Body Shop 110 LLC’s paint services give your vehicle that glossy finish it needs to look brand new.

Paint damage is typical after an accident, but it also happens as a result of weather, peeling, or someone accidently scratching your vehicle. For the fresh look your car deserves, bring your vehicle to The Body Shop 110 LLC for expert car paint services.

Our paint service uses our state of the art paint system to guarantee the absolute best results for your vehicle. Our process involves sanding your car first to get it ready for a fresh coat of enamel, our enamel gives your vehicle the perfect coat it needs for a bright, vibrant look. Your paint job is finished with an application of full coat sealer.

Our paint services are perfect for repairs or for a custom paint job to give your vehicle a new look. Our car painters are experts who can be trusted to give your car the color you want. The Body Shop 110 LLC’s painting service prices are more affordable than big-name car repair shops. Schedule an appointment today for paint services at our Shelton, CT facility.

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